American Indian Crafts: MYO Clay Teepee:

28th July: 2.30 - 4.30 pm


Evoke your inner American Indian Spirit in our wonderful ‘MAKE YOUR OWN TEEPEE’ tealight or incense burner for kids + Native Indian horse, decoration + talking stick.

We take a creative cultural tour and explore deluxe craft making as we get our hands on one of the oldest natural elements. Taking a leaf from forebears, ‘living from the land’, clay is the perfect medium in which we’ll make our ware.  In this workshop we’ll create wonderfully ornate smouldering teepee’s perfect to house a tealight or incense cone using traditional methods with a modern twist. We’ll also create their own characterful horse decoration, to accompany their very own little American Indian settlement. We'll also create a painted wooden talking stick with indian pattern and embellishments (talking sticks with allow the children to present their Sacred Point of View!).

The gift that just keeps giving...
Once fired, these make the perfect play things! Your child can let their imaginations run free in a world of makebelieve, bringing stories to life. Equally, when in use, they’ll make a beautiful decorative feature that your children will be proud of!

Design Drawings & Idea Generation
Drawing is an essential part of the design process and helps us form and realise the direction we take when we make! We celebrate each individual’s style and help them achieve a beautiful keepsake to add to their collection.

DESIGN & MAKE: the power of handmade

We pride ourselves on providing really fun learning experiences and making things in clay, is no exception. Kids love making something which starts out malleable and undergoes a transformation resulting in a stone like quality. This is SO much more than simply painting items someone else has made; it brings all the joy of realising the magic that’s conjured in their imagination!

‘We are part of earth and it is part of us’

American Indian Crafts: MYO Clay Teepee: 28th July: 2.30


    Drop off and collection
    We will open 10 minutes before the workshop starts for registration. This is a 3 hour workshop and we make the most of this time in our fun filled and creative workshop so there's no need to collect early. Please be aware, although we do our very best to finish on time, from time to time, there may be a short delay while your child finishes their project. If you need to leave swiftly, please let us know when you drop off your child.

    Clay play is good for you…
    Working with clay boasts many therapeutic benefits. Do you remember a time when getting your hands dirty was fun? Let them loose in a safe environment where they can explore these attributes without bringing the mess into your own home, yet giving them a sense of freedom and support to express their creativity through 3 dimensional forms.

    Can they bring their work home?
    Yes, absolutely! Their design drawings will come home on the day but you’ll have to wait a little longer for their clay masterpieces. Clay takes time to dry thoroughly and they can’t be fired until they have dried throughout. Winter months are particularly slow in terms of getting through this process but we do this as fast as we possibly can. You may not know, but all work will undergo 2 firings so the process can take between 8-12 weeks to complete. We also do our very best to hurry this along but to avoid disappointment, please be aware this may take some time. We will notify you as soon as the work is ready for collection.

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