★ 2 day Art Retreat 'Capturing Nature In Your Sacred Space'


Date And Time

Sat,  September 11th  2021, 10:00 - 

Sun, September 12th  2021, 16:00


Capturing Nature in our own Sacred Space - 2 Day Art Retreat

*Tune in to what you really want to do & restore yourself through creative art making. This is an empowering art experience!!!


Workshop over 2 full days - this September!


10.00am - 16.00pm and can be paid for in instalments using the deposit option.


All Abilities: Beginners, Improvers & Advanced!


Yoga, Meditation, Painting, Printmaking, Mixed Media, Ceramics & Encaustic 


One of the highlights of our art experiences is this wonderful art retreat that we have developed over a number of years, with added depth to  provide you with a special opportunity to put you at the centre.


Explore the joyful process of art making by freeing yourself for this sweet 3 days of creativity and art meditation.


Do you crave quiet, space and clarity? This workshop will help you connect with your creative self and give you new starting points to move forward. It will be a very special experience, being guided through 2 days of retreatful artmaking! You deserve it!


This is going to be a transformational workshop in which we dig deep and allow our appreciation of nature and love of creativity to unfold in a series of artworks.


Art making with close attention to nature is a huge motivator in art practice and we are delighted to offer you a beautiful workshop of drawing, printmaking, paint, clay work and mixed media so we hope you will join us in this opportunity for you to dig deep and allow your interests in creative making to come forth!


This wonderful retreat will begin with a walk to observe nature first hand. Recording our journey we will take photographs and collect source material which we will incorporate in our artworking practice over the next few days.


On our return we will work through some very basic drawing and printmaking techniques to create a number of studies based on beautiful leaf and floral shapes, explore different colour schemes using acrylic paint, watercolors, inks+ more. We will create a series of mono prints, using our nature finds. Experimentation with acrylic paint will result in a wonderfully expressive work on canvas. You will be introduction to a number of mediums and an opening of our hearts to the expressive nature of floral and botanical studies through the development of a visual story board.


Our journey with printmaking will continue with clay to create a nature inspired wall piece and finally a mixed media artwork created on a wood panel that we will seal with wax - using simple encaustic techniques.


We hope you’ll join us to create art magic and share with kindred spirits. A focus on expressive work over realism will result in lively and emotive artworks!


Who is this class for?


Beginners, improver + advanced levels (those who wish to rekindle their joy in art making) while learning more about developing a project, composition and colour theory and technique. 


This class does not require any previous drawing or painting experience, although those that wish to develop these skills will also apreciate a concentration of this time to practice.


This workshop will offer a rewarding experience, therefore, those looking to delve deeper will find these methods cathartic and practice in developing their own ideas for their art.


What will you learn in this class?




Observational drawing, sketching and recording.

Printmaking, painting, ceramics, mixed media techniques


Colour mixing


Composition  - what to put where and why - how to create a successful and pleasing composition.


The study of a number of artists, past and present and their beautiful floral and nature based botanical work.


Things that we will cover in the workshop:

A guided walk observing nature through an artist's eyes


* Symbolism


* Creating sketches from observations


* Expressive and intuitive painting techniques


* Encaustic collage using nature and collage ephemera & MORE!

   What do I need?


All paint, print, paper, clay, wood panels, canvas, tools and equipment will be supplied.


Please bring collage materials* - including assorted vintage papers/book pages, feathers (you will also be provided with a selection to choose from), scrapbook paper, magazine images etc. Although there will be lots of collage material available, your work will be more personal if you bring your own ephemera.


Snacks, drinks and a light lunch is provided each day.


Please ask if you have any questions.


(Paid by deposit? Please pay installments that suit your budget or pay the balance 14 days prior to the event start date - payment information on the link, information to follow after booking).


Research shows that people who are psychologically well rounded and happy have some sort of creative hobby - everyone of them. Getting into a flow takes practice and sometimes finding the zone takes a little while. We have developed this workshop to help you begin your journey, delve in to some creative time or awaken a dormant interest.


Making art is  proven to be theraputic, so why not take a leap out of your usual routine (work, housework etc etc) to do what you love and good for you for a few days of creative art emersion.


*** all materials provided.


******This workshop does not include accomodation, however please email us if you would like to receive recommendations


Your host during this workshops are artists Kate Jerry & Colette Gambell


Yoga/Meditation by: TBC


£195 per person including all materials

£95 - Deposit option with easy payments!



* Meditation and Optional Yoga.......

* Make Space to Create

* Learn new art & craft activity or develop your existing ones

* All materials and firing/glaze process is included

* Try something new - or set aside time for something you enjoy!

* Time spent with like minded people 

**Experience two days of art making in a beautiful gallery with no fuss or tidying


************************************ Creative therapy always (gratis!)***************************************************


Light Buffet Style Lunch, drinks and snacks are included!


Please note that all clay work has a long drying and firing process and the turn-around is normally between 6-8 weeks. We will send out an email when ready for collection from the gallery!

★ Capturing Nature In our Sacred Space: 11/12th September

Full payment or deposit option
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