★ Characterful Portraits - A Mixed Media Collage Art Workshop 


We are delighted to offer a new Artreach Artnight at NOA BAKEHOUSE


Wednesday Evening:

★Wed 6th, May 2020, 7pm -10pm


This is a fun art workshop experience for adults in which we will lead you through the process of creating a portrait. The portrait can either be of based on yourself, a family member, friend or famous person

This fabulous workshop also includes a light bite & hot drink from the fabulous Noah Bakehouse! 

Let's have some fun, expressive time creating irresistibly characterful portraits!
If you don’t know how to draw a face, don’t worry, we will practice together! This workshop is for ALL levels of ability whether you're a complete novice or practiced pro, so we hope you'll join us! This promises to be a fabulous, delighful, whimsical class full of discovery and exciting techniques!


We will delve into a world of imagination inspired colour + paint + collage + decoupage and create a characterful portrait that you will treasure forever!


We have had great success in teaching portraiture and look forward to leading you on a step by step process to create your own stunning artwork. Makers will also be able to purchase (or order) a box frame for your 2D artwork - on trend - fit to be displayed at home. During this workshop we will be creating beauty + there maybe some ‘sparkle’ for all those that love a bit of bling!  Art creativity is fun + interactive + social + really mindfully good for you! ☺️


Try it for yourself! Workshop experiences are a fun way to tap into your creative side. Makers create + paint + design + draw + embellish and explore some printmaking creatively using mixed media materials. 


Optional extra: Completed ready to take home in a quality box frame!



★ Adult Drawing + Painting Art Workshop Experience

★ Collage materials & optional bling

★ Learn the basics of portraiture 

★ Painting

★ Printmaking

★ 2D Mixed Media Art working

★ Hot drink + Snacks compliments of Noa Bakehouse


★ ★ ★ Very Important: What do I need to bring: If you are going to create a self portrait then don’t bring anything (but we need to know approximate number so please fill in the form) If you are intend to create a portrait based on someone you know or a famous person, you will need to bring in an A4 printout (preferably in black and white and in colour), with the image filling the paper. The better the image resolution the easier it will be for you to refer to. We will also bring a few famous people portrait printouts as back up!



Please note this art workshop is to be held at the Noa Bakehouse, Market Hall, Douglas.


Is there a minimum age requirements to enter the event?

We use age as a guide and recommend this workshop is aged 16+


Characterful Portraits - Mixed Media Art Night @ NOA BAKEHOUSE: May 6th

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