Absolute Beginners & Improvers in Water Colour Painting ** Night Course or Daytime Course


Date And Time

17th June - 22nd July 2021 19:00 –21:30 


Ever fancied getting creative with Watercolour? Look no further! 
Join us for our 6 week beginner & improver course in Watercolour, ideal for complete novices, those who haven't picked up a paintbrush in years or anyone who likes the social aspect of painting!


Participants will delve into process, and experiment with a variety of techniques. Your instructors will cover the subjects of floral still life, illustration and landscape painting. This is a great opportunity to explore and develop the practice of water colour painting, learn to handle the paint, advice on tools and materials and lots more!


  • a wide range of watercolour painting techniques and subjects

  • encouragement and support throughout

  • welcoming, relaxed, friendly, non-judgmental learning environment


Tea, coffee (including herbal options), cake or biscuits provided

Instruction by Kate Jerry & Colette Gambell

Absolute Beginners & Improvers In Watercolour Painting: 17th June

Night or Day Course
  • 6 weeks course for beginners and improvers 7pm-9.30pm Thursday Evenings or Friday mornings




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