Family Art Webinar: Mexican Sugar Skull Art Kit

This kit includes a 15% discount compared to our retail price


Price £18


Our special whimsical drawing and ink kit!


What's included: 


• A3  220gsm catridge paper pack (x 10 sheets)

• Artreach special Indian Ink Kit with x6 beautiful colours

• Watercolour brush

• Soft 2b/3b Pencil + rubber 

• Permenant fine liner ink pen

• Sharpie Pen


Inky Option

More than 1 person in the family taking part?
Why not upgrade with our additional brushes?

Watercolour set includes Basic Watercolour set

• Pack A3 220gsm paper
• Fineliner pens (1 in total)
• Sharpie pens (1 in total)
• Pencils (1 in total)
• Brushes (1 in total
extra brushes can be added below also.


Watercolour Deluxe set include Sennelier Student Watercolour pan•

Fineliner pens (1 in total)• Sharpie pens (1 in total)• Pencils (1 in total)• Brushes (3 in total).

** Please note paper packs can accomodate up to 3 people however each person will need their own pencil, pen + sharpie!


Artreach Studios has been leading the way in art workshops and established its reputation through delivering consistently high standard art workshops that are fun and accessible! The workshops are designed by + instructed by professional artists and you will be led in a step by step method in an easy to follow process with clear instructions. We have been able to broaden our reach and offer our proven method of  ongoing learning process through live streamed art webinars direct to your home for your convenience!

Thank you for booking and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Sugar Skull Art Kit

Painting Kit Drawing Kit - options
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