HOORAY! We're delighted to stock a new, quality range of water based printing inks, ideal for all those printmaking projects where you need a quick, less mess alternative!

Can be used for...

  • Block/Relief printing (lino, wood, cork, rubber etc)
  • On fabric, paper or board
  • Colours are intermixable

About this product...
An Acrylic based, printing ink that offers a slow dry formula, allowing for a variety of block/relief printing techniques. With a flexible,, acrylic base, these inks will adhere to most surfaces and once dry, they are water resistant. They can be applied to fabric but low wash temperatures are recommended.

Easy to clean away with water, and as these nontoxic inks are almost without odour, they are ideal for studio, school or home use.

This is a quality formulation (in pigment choice, pigment content and body) and is available in 250ml pots. For sealing prints on lightly sized papers Cranfield recommend that you use a spray fixative.

Cranfield WATER BASED Relief Printing Ink

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