J.M.W. Turner: Watercolour Sketches


Adults Art Webinar: J.M.W. Turner: Watercolour Sketches

Monday: 14th September, 19:00 - 21:30


Using the beautiful and magical medium of watercolour boldly, expressively, experimentally, without holding back, is a liberating form of art making. 


Watercolour is a great medium, if you allow yourself to be open to making mistakes and embrace the 'accidental' process.  The medium's ability to produce layers of translucent colour lends itself to the possibility of deep saturation of colours, that lead to incredibly expressive paintings. Painting with watercolour is also an extremely relaxing and mindful way to pass time creatively.


In this art webinar we look at the work of J.M.W. Turner and his Watercolour Sketches.


More than 150 years after his death, J.M.W. Turner’s reputation stands as Britain’s favourite artist. ‘He shocked his contemporaries with loose brushstrokes and vibrant colours,’ says art critic Alastair Sooke.


 Wherever Turner went he made watercolour sketches, and some of them would become the inspiration for later finished paintings.


Turner wasn’t interested in creating an accurate representation of a  scene. ‘Instead,’ Sooke explains, ‘he was trying to capture the spirit of the place. He once said, “My business is to paint what I see, not what I know is there.”


What materials do you need?


In this wonderful watercolour session, we will get into the spirit of the artist Turner and use the medium as a tool to record energetic landscapes. We will practice building layers and paint a number of preliminary sketches, with a few more developed finished paintings.  We will use a variety of source, Turner paintings + other photographs of landscapes and seascapes that we can use to interpret.


At least 300gms paper but heavier weight better (potentially stretched on board). Several pieces of different shapes + sizes square/rectangle. Largest size being no smaller than 20 x 20cm or 30 x 15cm (you can work larger or smaller if you wish! Please include smaller water colour paper for experiments and off cuts to test colours. Quality water colour or gouache paint, preferably in tubes (Lukas, Winsor & Newton, Sennelier or Daniel Smith). You will need a variety of watercolour brushes of different sizes, and include at least one large round brush, if possible.




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Paint palette, paper towels, rinse water, fine, medium and large fine watercolour brush.


Artreach Studios has been leading the way in art workshops and established its reputation through delivering consistently high standard art workshops that are fun and accessible! The workshops are designed by + instructed by professional artists and you will be led in a step by step method in an easy to follow process with clear instructions. We have been able to broaden our reach and offer our proven method of  ongoing learning process through live streamed art webinars direct to your home for your convenience!


Artreach Studios provide opportunities for everyone to learn from the Masters + living artists + create an artwork inspired by other exciting themes!  We help build skills in all mediums - painting + drawing + ceramics + printmaking + mixed media + more. Take a look at our website and social media pages for more information to find out what we have been up to!


Webinar Highlights:

✶ A bit of art history but mainly inspired creative fun

✶ Adult's Art Workshop (age guide 16 +)

✶ Watercolour Intuitive, dramatic colour field 

✶ Step by step demos and instruction

✶ Bright colours

✶ Freedom to express your imagination and encourage creative confidence

✶ Fun Art Project (always!)


FAQs Is there a minimum age requirements to enter the event? We use age as a guide and recommend this workshop for children age 16+, although you could potentially do this workshop alongside a younger person.


Source material is posted on our Pinterest page the night before the event so that you can prepare. Please use the link to Pinterest on our website!


Having two apps (tablet, phone, laptop or desktop, one with source and the other to view class is ideal!)


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Turner: Watercolour Sketches: 14th September

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