Kandinsky Watercolour ArtKIT
We have 4 recommended sets available for this fun, colourful workshop!
All our ArtKIT's carry a 15%* discount so you save every time!

Colour splash with these fab ArtKIT's for all budgets.

Starting at just £5.50 our Kids Colour Pop is perfect for beginners and children alike but we have a whole host of kits to meet a variety of needs. Take a look below! You'll find your paints/inks & paper is more than enough for this project and  more!

Kids Colour Pop

our most affordable colour kit (£5.50)

  • Watercolour tablet set (including 14 colours)
  • A3 paper pack (220gsm) 10 sheet pack


Colour WOW

Looking for next level colour? Why not try this ink set (£9.95)

  • Artreach Studios Colour Ink set
  • A3 paper pack (220gsm) 10 sheet pack

Sennelier Colour Starter

Quality Watercolour  + paper pack (£19.95)

  • Sennelier Watercolour half pan set
  • A3 paper pack (220gsm) 10 sheet pack

Sennelier Stars - Deluxe Colourburst
Take vibrance to a new level... colour in both watercolour & vibrant acrylic ink! (£36.75)

  • Sennelier Watercolour
  • Sennelier Abstract Acrylic Ink set (6x12ml)
  • A3 Watercolour paper pack (350gsm) 10 sheets
  • Large flat brush + Medium Round brush





Kandinsky Watercolour Kit

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