A great kit to accompany our LIVE Sacred Mandala workshop!
All you need for our live art workshop comes in 6 great options!
FROM £28  
We're offering a saving of appx 15% on every kit compared to the combined retail price!


1: Mandala Zen Kit: (£40)
    Includes 50x50 canvas + pastel colour set + mandala essentials kit
2: Mandala Vibrant Kit: (£40)

    Includes 50x50 canvas + Bright colour set + Mandala essentials kit
3: Mandala Magic Kit: (£36.50)
Includes 30x30 canvas + Pastel colour set + Mandala essentials kit
4: Mandala Awaken Kit: (£36.50)
    Includes 30x30 canvas + Bright colour set + Mandala essentials kit
4: Mandala Discovery Kit: (£28)
    Includes 8 acrylic colours in 21ml tubes + Mandala Essentials kit 
    (no canvas) 
5: Mandala Deluxe Kit: (£49)
    Includes 50 x 50cm canvas + Pastel Colour Set + Bright Colour Set
    (8 x 100ml colours - white & dark blue won't be duplicated)
    All you'll need plus extra colours!

Colour information:
Bright Colour set: Magenta + Yellow + Orange + white + dark blue (100ml)
Pastel Colour set:  Pink + Purple + Turquoise + white + dark blue (100ml)
Discovery set: (8 x 21ml) titanium white, primary yellow, primary red, primary blue, ultramarine, light green, burnt sienna, mars black.

Mandala essentials kit - included in all kits (rrp £17.25)

  • Brush set: Large Flat, Medium Round, Small details
  • Posca Pen

  • 2b Pencil 

  • Rubber 
  • Sharpie Pen 
  • 360 degrees Protractor 

Colour advice!
Consider contrast, warm + cold colours when you choose your colours. We have put together colours we think will compliment each other. Remember colours can be mixed too to create secondary & tertiary colours.

warm: red, yellow

cold: blue, green,

secondary colour: orange, purple, pink

Printing objects from around the home, bottle tops, textured, patterned wallpaper.


Are you selecting your own products for this course?
Why not use the discount code: MANDALAMAGIC 

Cannot be used in conjunction with these sets as they are already discounted.


Please provide your own ruler and drawing compass: CLICK HERE FOR RECOMMENDED SELLER or you can diy with pencil + string + wood or purchase a carpenters compass here:  CLICK HERE FOR RECOMMENDED PRODUCT

** If you wish to substitute one colour, we will do our best to accomodate. Please leave a message in the comments box at the time of your order.

** If colours are out of stock we will replace with colours we believe will compliment the other colours in your kit!

Mandala Painting Kit

Choose your Set!
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