Seek Simplicity: Painting + Meditation + Intuitive Canvas

A day retreat in which we combine art + meditation + positive affirmations



Our special guest: Create Space with Alec Warren from Human

will inspire you to have the curiosity, the energy, the interest, and the trust in yourself to Find a deeper connection with yourself and What Feels Good.


Take time to listen to what your soul needs + Tune into Art with a wonderful painting + meditation workshop!


9.30am - 4pm Saturday 26th June


All Abilities: Beginners, Improvers & Advanced!


Have you ever felt more creative while being relaxed or in a "flow" state? In this new beautiful painting workshop, we begin with a guided meditation, and combine the positive reinforcement of affirmations with painting process. 


This is an opportunity to take a little time out for a full day art retreat, practice art making, and devote some time and dedication to one’s self, and the experience that art magic has in helping us connect to everything. 


We currently continue to navigate our way through some difficult and/or interesting times and informing the mind on what that looks like - during these times it is important to find what feels good.


Often times, positive affirmations - short sayings and bits of wisdom help us to change our outlook positively. By reading them over and over (sometimes daily), we can come to absorb them into our belief system (and subconscious). In turn this helps purge the negative beliefs - which is so important too!


We love creating opportunities that will help you retreat from normal routines and an opportunity of pull back, drop expectation, embrace process and go with the flow -  take a step back, just for a few sweet hours!


This motivational workshop will encourage you to take some time and space to continue to grow or heal, what ever you need right now, by delving into art play. Our goal with this class is to share our LOVE of mixed media and intuitive create with you. We encourage you to delve in, with a few simple warm ups, to help stretch those creative muscles, and make space for ideas to flow. 


We will help you choose your colour palette, paint beautiful Abstract backgrounds and play with mark making and texture while allowing for happy accidents. You will build your painting layer by layer, bringing the artwork together with inspiration from simple botanical shapes and finally, adding your chosen words as a focal point. 


Trust us to guide you through all the processes is all that you need for a beautiful day’s retreat.


We can choose to gift  this time to ourselves, to search for the sensation that gives our everyday meaning, helping us to appreciate the smaller things and be more tolerant and all round better people. We hope we can convince you to find time to deepen your relationship with yourself?



★ a wide range of different techniques

★ paint, drawing, printmaking, texture, mark making + lots, lots, more

★ expert advise & tutoring

★ encouragment and support throughout

★ welcoming, relaxed and pleasant, none judgmental learning environment

★ art therapy always gratis

★50x50cm canvas + all materials provided

Tea, coffee (including herbal options), cake or biscuits provided


**Before the workshop we would love you to explore our Pinterest board, that is filled with ideas for affirmations and meaningful words that may resonate with you, if not, they may help you connect with what you do want to say!  You can find the board using the link below:


Affirmations on Pinterest


**Please bring your lunch or eat locally




Seek Simplicity: One day Painting Retreat: 26th June

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