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  • Fluorescents & Iridescents in this listing (see also other colours)

    White & Yellows
    Blues & Greens
    Reds, Oranges, Pinks & Purples
    Fluorecents, Iridescents & Gloss

  • Imagine a whole new way of painting with Abstract from Sennelier!
  • Heavy-body multi-media acrylic paint with high pigment concentration
  • 12 high gloss colours, 6 iridescent colours and 6 fluorescent colours to choose from
  • Packaged in an innovative flexible pouch that offers many benefits - from less waste and flexibility of use, with better preservation of the paint inside than conventional tubes
  • The pouch fits comfortably in the hand, is easily transportable - and it can even handle the pressure if you accidentally step on it!


Wide Variety of Colours Available

Sennelier Abstract Acrylic - Browns, Greys, Black & Flesh Colours

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