Stay Wild Moon Child


Mon, 26 Oct 2020 10.00 - 12.30


For the Creative Wild Child who love to draw + paint + stomp around in the great outdoors and be inspired by the beauty of nature - mountains + trees + birds + the night sky!


Children will embrace the wonderful world of paint + ink + mixed media to create a beautiful 30x30cm artwork! This guided session will lead your young artists to produce a lovely illustration with gold elements to compliment this magical season.


Children will use a number of techniques, including drawing + painting + collage + be inspired by to create their own magical artwork!!!


An artistic magical gathering of like minded children stimulating their imagination on a journey of discovery (forest greens, greys and sparkling magical elements).


Yet another creative master piece and treasured artwork.



★ Children's Art Workshop (age guide 7+)

★ Painting + drawing + collage 

★ Magical Mountains, trees, leaves and forest elements, birds + gold metallics + ink + more

★ Magic + Sparkle
★ Frameworthy


Stay Wild Moon Child: Mixed Media Collage: Mon, 26 Oct

  • Is there a minimum age requirements to enter the event?

    We use age as a guide and recommend this workshop for children aged 7+ (guide only)

    Where is this event held?
    We are based at Isle Contemporary in the Courtyard at Tynwald Mills, St Johns.

    What time should I arrive?
    We will accept your child no earlier than 15 minutes before the start of  the workshop. There is always a lot of preparaton and we need time before and in between events to ensure we are ready to receive your child/children.

    How can I contact the organiser with any questions?email:

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