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Summer Boot Camp 1 - A whole week of arty fun! 3rd August


Summer Art Boot Camp A - Intensive Programme - Art all day for 5 days - hooray! 

Monday 3rd - Friday 7th August.


Times 8.45 am - 4pm £188 per child. Age from 5+ / 9+




We are back again in the Summer of 2020 with 2 different art week programmes + a 3 day pottery boot camp - (see links below) 

Take a sneak peek at our Summer Bootcamp 1 Art programme:

DAY 1: 
Art Journalling 

With a new project each year (and for each boot camp), we begin the week with an art journal induction. Creating beautiful pages in an a quality hard back sketch book, journalling is a wonderful way to start to the week and is continued throughout the course with art sketching and development. A great project to keep you going through the summer!

Acrylic Canvas Art - 'Furred, Feathered + Winged'
We will create a dreamy artwork on stretched canvas, inspired by the feathered birds + stars + moons and the night sky. We begin our canvas with puddles of paint then work in layers to create an inspired, dreamy Summer nightime art work. This workshop is sure to thrill the children.

DAY 2: 
Owlology: Ceramic Wall Plate

Children will create an inspired sculpted artwork of a characterful owl, using print + pattern + scraffito + slip colouring technique to decorate. This will be an exciting artwork to include on their bedroom walls.

DAY 3: 
Animal Kingdom - Faux taxidermy Wall Art
A whole new perspective on portraits, we'll capture their attention and concentration by creating friendly trophy animal portraits in 3D to include with their collection of wall pieces. 

DAY 4: 
Pattern Play: Ashley Mary vs Matisse

We explore the exciting work of Master French artist Matisse + contemporary work of American artist, Ashley Mary. We will devote the day to collage + printmaking process. Just a touch of art history and a fun take on pattern, to help us on our way to a bright and beautiful Summer inspired day.

DAY 5: 
Mother Nature: Botanical Art

We will create a series of artworks using botanical elements, flowers and other items we have foraged and found. Using cyanotype method, we will experiment with printing + painterly technique. Guaranteed to produce some very exciting effects!! We'll use these art wonders to create stunning + super contemporary artworks on cloth + paper.

Our collaborative work is always fun too!

Children love to create, so why not send them in to do what they love!


★ Children's Art Workshop (age guide 5+)

★ Group and individual projects

★ Water based materials, ink, charcoal and pastels, clay, paint, canvas and mixed media.

★ Humor, Adventure and lots of imagination

★ Freedom to express their imagination and build through creative confidence

★ Fun Art Project (always!)


(This course comes complete with an Artreach Art Journal, Jute Bag, canvas, ceramic firing and all other materials including priceless artworks!!!!!!)

  • Please link and fill this form

    ★ Important please read!


    Please follow the link this link to register your child (Children) on the website:  Children's Art Workshop Registration

  • Return & Refund Policy

    ★ No refunds will be allocated however should your child not be able to attend the ticket  may be allocated to another child, by supplying child's name, address, allergy information and permissions regarding photographs.

  • Shipping Info

    ★ This product is a service so no shipping required.

  • Clay Process

    ★ Please be advised that clay workshops include firing and due to the process the artwork will not be ready for collection for approximately 6-8 weeks, sometimes longer. We will send out an email as soon as the artworks are ready for collection.

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