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Teen & Tween Art Night

Block Print Portrait (Cubist Style) (age 10+)


Date: 13th April

Time: 6.30pm - 9.30pm


Teens + Artist opportunity to have the freedom to create fabulous block print cubist animal portrait. 


We will explore the cubist inspired work of both Picasso and contemporary artist Sandra Silberzweig to create a portrait (animal or people) with a contemporary twist on an exploration in  line + texture + print, through a powerful process of printmaking, artful blend of abstract + representation. 


Teens will love this social opportunity + learn in-depth technique from working artists + will creatively combine print and painted background to add colour to our prints.


We will create a series of effective prints that young Artists (and their families) will enjoy for years to come. It’s an AWESOME journey of semi-abstraction texturing, printing, mark-making, & embellishing as they connect and cultivate their own creation. This is a great opportunity for teens to spend time to create with friends or solo, helping our developing community for our artists to shine!


We can’t wait to see these prints build  “hot off the print press” at the end of the session!




Creative Independence

Drawing + Design


Mark Making

Fun Art Process

Teen Art Night Block Print Portrait: Monday 13th April 6.30pm - 9.30pm

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